Happy to announce that Syncr was absorbed into Shuttle, our all-in-one, complete shop syncing solution between Etsy and Shopify.

To Shuttle!

The Stock Syncer we've all been waiting for

Bouncing between your Etsy and Shopify shops to make sure everything is in Sync is a pain, isn't it? Let Syncr take care of this for you so you can focus on what's important.

For All Shop Sizes

Regardless of how many products you have, Syncr will maintain an almost real-time (several seconds at most) stock syncing - whether it's stock levels made from orders, manual edits, or newly added products
Unlimited SKUs
Automatic Stock Syncing
On-Demand Syncing
Click and Forget
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Syncr Covers all Cases

We spent months researching and worked with real shop owners, we have years of experience with Shop migrations and we put it all into Syncr

Not Only Orders

Syncr also picks up stock updates that are manually made by you!

Transfers Products as Well!

Syncr finds newly added products and automatically transfers them Etsy/Shopify.

Out-of-stock support

Syncr will deactivate products that are out-of-stock to ensure they are not sold again

Clear & Easy to Use

It just works, out of the box. If needed – you can still tailor it to your needs

Syncr keeps your Etsy & Shopify shops in sync by automatically detecting and syncing stock level changes and newly created products.

Auto Stock Levels syncing

Whether your stock levels changed due to an order or by you manually - Syncr automatically detects the change and (almost) instantly syncs it

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Automatic Order Detection

Syncr detects whenever an order is made in Etsy or Shopify, and automatically updates the stock levels

Manually updated stock levels in Etsy or Shopify?

Syncr will pick up the changes and update your Etsy/Shopify accordingly, you'll never need to jump between shops to sync stock levels.

Auto Product Syncing

Added a new product to Etsy/Shopify? Congratz! Syncr will automatically find the new product and create the product in the other shop for you!

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You don't need to waste time copy/pasting

Syncr will create a copy for you. With images, variations, description, tags and more!

Have old products that you need transferring?

Syncr will take care of these as well, use Syncr to search for products and transfer between Etsy & Shopify.

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And there is more!

Syncr includes much more, here are 4 more cool things

Duplicate SKU detection

Syncr will find duplicate SKUs and let you know about them

2 Months Activity History

It keeps a detailed history of the activity for 60 days

Tailor the Transfers

You can set Syncr to modify parts of products during transfer (such as Tags, Vendor, etc)

Quick Support

We answer within 24 hours (due to time zones) but usually faster

Fair Price for Everyone

Syncr is offered in tiered pricing - we made sure to provide plans that match shops of all sizes
$29 /month
For the moderately busy shops


  • Unlimited SKUs
  • Near Real time syncing
  • Up to 2,000 Monthly Level Updates
  • Up to 200 Monthly Product Transfers
$49 /month
For the average busy shop


  • Unlimited SKUs
  • Near Real time syncing
  • Up to 5,000 Monthly Level Updates
  • Up to 500 Monthly Product Transfers
$79 /month
For very busy shops, no sync limits


  • Unlimited SKUs
  • Near Real time syncing
  • Unlimited Monthly Level Updates
  • Unlimited Monthly Product Transfers

Just starting out? Try our Starter Plan

It does not include transfers, but it will make sure you don't oversell and keep your stock levels in sync.
$15 /month


  • Near Real time syncing
  • 500 Monthly Level Updates
  • Product Transfers are not included

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free trial?

Yes! Sycnr starts with a 7 day free trial in the Standard Plan. So you can make sure Syncr fits your needs!

What are Level Updates?

A level update occurs when Syncr updates a stock level in either Etsy or Shopify.

If your plan is limited for 1,000 level updates per month, this means that Syncr will update stock levels no more than 1,000 times per month.

A level update count as one regardless of how much the stock level has changed. Stock that's updated from 100 to 50 counts as one level update, just as a stock level that's changed from 1 to 0.

What does 'Near Real Time Syncing' mean?

Near Real Time Syncing means that Syncr syncs stock at almost real time, up to 30 seconds since an update is made - but usually faster.

For example - if one of your products is purchaed in Etsy, Syncr will update your Shopify stock in several seconds.

I don't have SKUs, what can I do?

Sadly – Syncr cannot work without SKUs :/

The Good news are that having SKUs is a very healthy practice for an effective stock management, so its an excellent excuse to add them to your products 😀

if you do choose to add SKUs, you can always come back and give Syncr a go!

What are Product Transfers?

A product transfer occurs when Syncr transfers a product from Etsy to Shopify or from Shopify to Etsy.

For example - when you create a new product in Etsy, Syncr will automatically transfer that product for you to Shopify - this will count as a single product transfer.

Can Syncr track Variations?

Yes! Syncr tracks stock levels of all variations, in Shopify or Etsy (as long as they share the same SKUs).